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Need some rest or time for yourself? Do you miss date night, or a night out with your friends? Tallahassee Babysitters are here to help! Located in Leon County and being the best babysitter firm in town, Tallahassee Babysitters are well experienced and love making kids feel safe and comfortable. Many day filled activities are planned for your little ones, and arts and crafts are provided! If you’re ever concerned or have any questions while being away, always feel free to call anytime! Fully charged phones are always on our babysitters.

Tallahassee Babysitters

Looking for a Babysitter in Tallahassee?

My name is Sydney Lawrence, and I am the head of Tallahassee Babysitters. This is a small business my friends and I started to help support ourselves through college. I started sitting working for family members and friends. I truly love kids of all ages and feel I am very good at what I do. My Aunts and Uncles all raved about me to their friends and they called me asking if I had any extra time. I was able to take on a few more jobs but I ended up recommending one of my close friends Darby. She was so excited when I told her about the opportunity and ended up enjoying babysitting just as much as I do. Pretty soon we were both had full schedules through word of mouth only. 

  After visiting Florida State, Darby and I both made the decision that we had to come to school here. We both enjoy going to school here a lot and decided to start offering our babysitting service in Tallahassee since we are going to be here for 4 years. Slowly but surely we are getting jobs and supporting or own way through school. We know how hard it is for parents to trust their kids with someone and we take our jobs very seriously. We’re sure that once you us, you’ll be happy that you did! We also have two other friends, Cali and Caroline that are also trained babysitters, so no matter when you need someone to watch your little one we’ll be able to take care of them. To schedule one of us all you need to do is either email via the Contact Form or give us a call at (407) 223-2977.


Babysitters in Tallahassee

If you need a Babysitter in Tallahassee, look no further! We can take care of your child day or night, give us a call at (407) 233-2977
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