Finger Painting!

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fingerpaitingFortunate for people, this year’s America’s Top Caregiver, Nikki O’Neal, is super handy. Make sure to watch out for more artsy posts from her in the coming months!
It can be a little complicated (and dirty) to discover art tasks befitting young children still working on their motor abilities. However, reassuring fingers during messy trials is a good and exciting method to help increase these skills. This arms (and legs)-on painting project is good for performing exactly that!
What you will need:
Poster board
Hand paints
Scotch tape or painters record (I love applying clear tape so the ending is actually a surprise!)
*I often do this task outside, weather permitting, therefore we are able to get as unpleasant even as we need and cleanup by getting inside the share or using a hose! To get one of the most of the task inside make sure the kids aren’t sporting anything that you don’t mind getting a tiny paint on (some paints ASSERT they’re washable but often leave a little bit of mark) or should they have smocks, better still!
1. Show each child’s label around the poster board with scotch tape.
2. Color all over the poster-board together with your palms and legs (be sure to possess a firm knowledge on your own child’s palm as the color may become slippery (you are able to keep it up for grabs top also rather than have the feet involved for protection factors or even to handle the mess).
3. Hang the poster boards to dry.
4. Once dry, remove the tape off as well as the brand must look the colour of the poster board.
5. You can figure or decoupage the completed portions to hang up inside the playroom or bedroom!

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