Make a Fairy’s Magic Wand!

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FairyWand-800x800Bring a little magic in your property! This homemade magic wand is an excellent addition to any costume and makes for great creative play. Whatever you need are a couple of items from across the home, and you along with your small magic maker can produce a distinctive wand for all their hocus-pocus needs. A huge thank you to our sitter, Marah B., for sending us this awesome action! (Should you’ve got an activity you want related to the kiddos, e-mail it to so we can feature it on our site!)
Everything you will need:
Paper towel roll (one for each child)
Crayons or markers
Curling Ribbon (you’ll be able to find some pre-curled for presents with a sticky pad connected to the rear)
Packing tape
Get a number of the decoration and wrap a few fibrils round the paper towel roll securing it on having a few staples at either end.
Give each kid a paper towel roll and crayons or markers. Tell them they are making magic wands plus they want to be as colorful and outrageous as you possibly can.
Once they are done coloring their wand, give them a selection of decals to be placed around the wand.
Have a set of the curled thread with a sticky pad still on it and remove the backing. Place the sticky pad inside of the paper towel roll and press firmly down afterward fasten it with a couple staples. Fluff the ribbon a bit so that it looks like sparks coming out of the wand.
Take your packing tape and wrap the exterior of the wand with it to secure the decals and threads (the wand will survive more and you will not need to pick up stickers everywhere).
Enjoy your wand! These are great to make before playtime, along with before reading the kid’s favourite fairytale.

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